The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion

“The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion” is the first book that is uniquely dedicated to the social effects of emotions. It provides the most extensive treatment of Emotions as Social Information (EASI) theory to date. In addition, the book offers a comprehensive review of empirical research on the interpersonal effects of emotional expressions across domains of life, ranging from close relationships to group settings, conflict and negotiation, customer service, and leader-follower relations. The book is suitable for teaching classes on the social aspects of emotions.

Front of The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion

Van Kleef, G. A. (2016). The interpersonal dynamics of emotion: Toward an integrative theory of emotions as social information. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Praise for The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion:

“… van Kleef presents an engaging account of the role of emotions in our social life that is faithful to the latest scientific evidence. It is the most comprehensive treatment to date of the entire field of social emotion.”
Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Washington University, St Louis

“An admirable achievement and an essential resource, this ambitious synthesis couples van Kleef’s theory of Emotions as Social Information (EASI) with a comprehensive, integrative review of the rapidly growing research literature on the social effects of emotions in groups, relationships, and organizations.”
W. Gerrod Parrott, Georgetown University, Washington DC

“In this deeply insightful book, Gerben van Kleef offers a revolutionary view of the emotions, one fitting for our hypersocial twenty-first century. Drawing upon the latest science, van Kleef reveals the principles by which emotions shape our many relationships, from those between young lovers to colleagues at work. Reading this lucid, brilliant book will not only give you insights into your emotional life, but into emotional lives of those people around you as well.”
Dacher Keltner, University of California, Berkeley

“Readers of The Interpersonal Dynamics of Emotion by Gerben van Kleef will discover the many ways in which our behaviors and attitudes are shaped by the emotions that other people express during social interactions. The ability to understand the profound influences of expressed emotions should prove extremely useful to those interested in leading, negotiating, and cooperating with others more effectively.”
Stéphane Côté, University of Toronto

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