For Students

Students who are interested in the social aspects of emotion can engage with the members of EASI lab in several ways. For instance, you may do a research internship within EASI lab, write your Master’s thesis under supervision of one of the members of EASI lab, or follow one of the courses that we offer.


If you are motivated to gain research experience in the area of the social nature of emotions, we offer the opportunity to get involved in our research. Because every research project is different and each project consists of a variety of tasks, we can always find something to do that fits your interests and expertise. This means students from all levels are welcome to join the lab and assist in our projects.

Contact Gerben van Kleef to find out what you can do!


If you are interested in learning more about the social nature of emotions, you can also follow one of the two courses offered by the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam that relate to this topic:

  1. Emotionele Beïnvloeding (in Dutch; offered as part of the Social Influence master track of the Social Psychology department)
  2. Current Debates in Emotion Research (in English; offered as part of the Research Master of the Psychology department)
Aside from these courses, we regularly have research projects that are suitable for Master or Research Master students as their internship or thesis projects. Contact Gerben van Kleef to learn more!