Current Members

Marc Heerdink, Ph.D.

Keywords: group processes, emotion, social influence, conformity, power, social exclusion, sports
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Prof. dr. Gerben van Kleef

Keywords: emotion, power, prosocial behavior, empathy, social influence, conflict, negotiation, leadership, group processes, deviance, morality
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Jens Lange, Ph.D.

Keywords: social emotions (e.g., envy, pride, schadenfreude, anger, contempt), functional approaches to emotions, measurement of emotions, social comparison
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Eftychia Stamkou, Ph.D.

Keywords: power, leadership, social status, norm violation, emotions across cultures, emotion perception, eye-tracking
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Florian Wanders, MSc.

Keywords: norm violations, dominance, prestige, power, leader endorsement, status, parochial behavior, risk taking
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Svenja Wolf, PhD.

Keywords: emotion, group dynamics, collective emotions, sport and exercise psychology, conformity, team cohesion, performance anxiety
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